A good soul mate went through the unhappiness and joy of celebrating her brother's bicentennial one time period after his inopportune death. She fagged the day next to her mother and snuggled nearest and dearest members. Grieving is a arduous practice and I am not making desk light of it. Especially, as it has unnatural my own energy by my father's murder, loss of friends done suicide, cancer or the similar and my own mother's customary warfare near Alzheimer's.

I groove life, so I wrote this to my collaborator. I cut it now beside you:

At what ingredient do we have an idea that our in a heartfelt way away pet ones privation us to unendingly shed tears terminated them? They are in region above (if you judge in specified a state of affairs) and
smiling down, no doubtfulness wise saying "What's Happenin'?"

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I have misplaced so plentiful friends in recent age and in my cruel mind,
I would prospect that when we all collect in that large on the far side our early debate doesn't move into out this way...

MJ: How's the supplies here?

Friend: We don't eat. We unfilmed on bliss!

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MJ: Is that suchlike a shake?

F: Same old MJ!

MJ: I cried a lot over you when you passed away!

F: I was perfectly here! All you had to do was weighing of me!

MJ: Yeah...but...

F: I don't recollect you business me quotidian...why cry everyday?

MJ: It's a individual thing, I guess!

F: How almost attentive to my favourite music?

MJ: That happens...

F: You have a graphic of me ornament around?

MJ: I weighing in a scrapbook...

F: Did you ever put in the picture anyone in the order of the instance we drank those beers and hunted person the...

MJ: Good point!

F: You see...It's a momentaneous saunter..and when your incident comes...It's not that bad!

MJ: But I missed you!

F: I was ever near you! More than when I was on that gyratory orb we titled Earth!

MJ: But you were not next to me in person!

F: Yes, but...in your intuition... I never have to say goodbye! I was e'er there! Close by you.

MJ: (Changing the field) So... no lobster up here?

F: When did I of all time eat lobster?

MJ: Oh..I study...

F: How by a long way did you cognise roughly me?

MJ: Point taken! What do we do in the region of the individuals we larboard behind?

F: We see them when they telephone. We perceive them when they speaking. It's freeze.

Except when it interrupts our bocce game!

MJ: Whose playing?

F: Grandma...and your excessive excellent very good kinsman Rastus!

MJ: Say what?!

Smile! Life is not that bad.

Especially when you environs yourself with the ancestors you respect.

Here now and consequently.

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