Many women beside PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) are oftentimes nonarbitrary oral contraceptives to fine-tune their discharge cycle and match their hormones. However, this does not excess the implicit produce of PCOS and onetime the unwritten contraceptives are discontinued the symptoms of PCOS will appear.

Contraceptive pills can as well have a injurious outcome on the rehabilitation of PCOS. According to a recent hut published in the Journal of Endocrine Regulations, unwritten contraceptives may in actuality breed you increase weight. (1)

The be taught looked at 19 non-obese women near PCOS who were evaluated before and after taking Diane 35, an unwritten contraceptive utilised in numerous countries. Diane 35 is a combination first domination drug containing ethinylestradiol and cyproteroneacetate.

After the women had utilized the pill for 7 months, researchers noticed a evidentiary grow in weight and overhead steroid alcohol levels. The weight increase in these women negated the benefits of victimization the offset cartel pills to degrade the overhead androgen levels found in PCOS sufferers.

This is an stimulating finding because heaps women next to PCOS before now have issues beside weight addition and overhead cholesterin levels. These symptoms could be exacerbated by a teaching of bustle ofttimes nonarbitrary to assistance nutriment PCOS. However, PCOS is not the elite marinate of women who are chubby or rotund. Up to 50% of PCOS sufferers may be of connatural weight or wisplike.

Therefore, women should be cognisant of the benefits and risks past determining to go on unwritten contraceptives for PCOS. It is defining to be pro-active more or less your well-being and larn as much as affirmable something like the treatments that you are existence unarbitrary.

(1) Vrbikova J, Dvorakova K, Hill M, Starka L., Weight adaptation and sex hormone levels during antifertility reporting of women overformal by polycystic reproductive structure. Endocr Regul. 2006 Dec;40(4):119-23. PMID: 17201585

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