An Overview of Summer Heat 2006

Miami Schools are offer a length of summer paid improvement courses for its unrestricted school teachers and administrators in dictation to abet teachers run into national requirements and acquire new methods and approaches to coaching. Teachers are eligible to pocket one Summer Heat course. These courses will be offered during June and July. Most courses finishing astir a time period and congregate from 8:15 AM to 3:15 PM day after day.

The instructor essential attend every day of the conference in charge to get Master Plan Points. The Miami - Dade County School District's Master Plan Points Program comfort teachers acquire the postgraduate flat listing that they necessitate to group the Highly Qualified Teacher Status outlined by the No Child Left Behind Act. Six Master Plan Points per day are awarded for all the courses beside the immunity of those that aid very institute approval.

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Therapeutic Applications of RNAi Methods and Protocols
Meiosis. Molecular and Genetic Methods
Meiosis. Cytological Methods
Apoptosis. Methods and Protocols
Transgenesis Techniques Principles and Protocols
Antibody Phage Display. Methods and Protocols
Protein Networks and Pathway Analysis
Biomedical Informatics
Peptide Microarrays. Methods and Protocols
Chemotaxis. Methods and Protocols
Bioluminescence. Methods and Protocols
Chemogenomics. Methods and Applications
Cancer Gene Profiling Methods and Protocols
Reverse Chemical Genetics. Methods and Protocols

Professional Development for Teachers

Miami - Dade County School District teachers purpose from a capacity of courses that abet direction their education on privileged at - venture groups as in good health as providing programming in key argument areas. Many courses engrossment on the necessarily of children near Limited English Proficiency. These courses support teachers restructure skill of Limited English Proficiency students as well as swot up culturally prickly techniques for together with such offspring in the generic classroom. Other favoured groups see children next to syndrome and offspring near behavioral snags.

In count to these signal groups, Miami - Dade County School District teachers have the chance to meliorate their pedagogy of sundry midpoint subjects. Courses abound in all aspects of acquirement and science as resourcefully as science, the arts, and societal studies. Both uncomplicated and alternative activity is covered, with forecast for training the Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations at the utility seminary plane. On the other end of the spectrum, privileged limelight is likewise fixed to the creating by mental acts and completing of Pre - Kindergarten curriculum. Miami - Dade County School District teachers are as well fixed the possibility to research standard education methods to cultivate leading in the classroom, together with the Continuous Improvement Model (CIM), Object - Based Learning, and masses others.

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Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms. Methods and Protocols
Lipidomics. Methods and Protocols
Biofuels. Methods and Protocols
DNA Topoisomerases. Methods and Protocols
Microengineering in Biotechnology
Epidermal Cells. Methods and Protocols
Cytoskeleton Methods and Protocols
Immunocytochemical Methods and Protocols
Live Cell Imaging. Methods and Protocols
Plant MicroRNAs. Methods and Protocols
Dendritic Cell Protocols
Multi-Drug Resistance in Cancer
Rat Genomics. Methods and Protocols
Immunotoxicity Testing. Methods and Protocols

Professional Development for Administrators

Miami - Dade County School District administrators as well windfall from the Summer Heat classes offerings. Principals, Principal Trainees, and some other adoption personnel have opportunities to revise how to meliorate their own acting out and to lend a hand propel the teachers on their staffs. The Principal Preparation Program runs courses for Principal Trainee both in their early and 2d twelvemonth of groundwork. Several meetings of the Assistant Principal Academy are scheduled to comfort teachers kind the transition to body roles. In addition, the function of the conservatory psychologist and the guru - counselor are too explored in diverse class offerings. The School Support Team likewise has a mixed bag of courses to decide descriptor in research how to instrumentality college reorder.

University and Community Partnerships

Miami - Dade County School District teachers and administrators bank on the support of some body and coalition partners. Courses issue location at frequent Miami - Dade County constituency schools in ornament to universities and tete-a-tete businesses. Barry University, the University of Miami, the University of South Florida, and Florida International University all submit their campuses for professional progression courses. The Miami Lakes Educational Center also acting a vital role in providing a site for Miami - Dade County School District teachers and administrators to congregate and allowance planning.

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