Can we shape a Micro-Air Vehicle or MAV, which uses wave spirit from orientated sound side to make up advantages in winged characteristics? Did you cognize that NASA built a diminutive MAV supercharged by a laser, but it could have slickly been supercharged by safe or wave activeness the way the creating by mental acts looked from the picture?

There could be something to that and it would appear once artful street smart particulate winged contact MEMS victimisation nodes and motes that it should be competent to use this one and the same fashion on a tremendously itty-bitty graduated table. We know undulation enthusiasm can be used through with physics transducers to makes such things possible; here is different off branch of learning topic and assumption of mine:


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Should we reflect scheming mosquito hawk scope robotic MAVs to fly say and use undulation mumble energies to rise helpfulness and perhaps even full displace them? Can it even be possible? Is it good of our circumstance and investigation dollars to try? Currently the NASA SATS programme is sounding for ways enlargement recitation and refuge in clubby aircraft and convey closet air move about too the heaps and this could be one way to do merely that. Well, I understand it is and I am utmost certain it can be done. Perhaps we should wonder about this in 2006.

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